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The Bluegrass VegFest

Louisville is a unique city, ripe with contrasting cultures and citizens. Abundant with local restaurants, Louisville's food scene is a testament to the city's diversity. 

On Saturday, July 9, there's a fantastic opportunity to experience Louisville's fabulous food!

The Bluegrass Veg Fest is back in action! Meet at the Mellwood Art Center (1860 Mellwood Ave, Louisville, KY 40206) at 11:00 am to savor Louisville-based vegan and vegetarian exhibitors.  

"The 2022 Bluegrass VegFest is a Louisville-based vegan food festival showcasing regional businesses and products, with over 50 exhibitors. Not just a cornucopia of delicious plant-based food, it also features craft beer and summer cocktails, nationally renowned speakers, arts and crafts, kid's activities, and much more."- Bluegrassvegfest.

Even if you're not vegetarian/vegan, I truly recommend going! Check out the full schedule of festival activities here: Bluegrass VegFest Schedule.

"Parking and admission are FREE, with a suggested $5.00 donation. Proceeds collected will be donated to local animal charities."-Bluegrassvegfest

If you feel like volunteering, there's still time to sign up and be a volunteer for this event! "We need committed volunteers to help us with all aspects of the VegFest! Volunteers will receive free food and drinks during the festival, and a bonus warm fuzzy feeling of helping connect people to a cruelty-free lifestyle. Examples of roles we need filled are Greeters, Recycling Czars, and Kid’s Area Monitors. If interested, please let us know which jobs and shift(s) you prefer."- BluegrassVegFest.

Check out the exhibitors here!

The Bluegrass VegFest runs from 11:00 am- 6:00 pm Saturday, July 9, 2022. For more information, GotoLouisville has provided the following contact information: Contact: Jenny Brown

If you're able to attend the Bluegrass VegFest, come back and comment what was your favorite part of the festival!


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