Dapper Derby Event Update #4


Dapper Derby Event Update #4

ATTENTION TO ALL EARLY BIRDS!! Dawn at the Downs is in three days! Dawn at the Downs is a fantastic opportunity for everyone to see how the pros prep for the races up close!

"Dawn at the Downs is a popular tradition for both Louisvillians and visitors, giving Kentucky Derby fans the opportunity to see the contenders train for the big race while enjoying a delicious breakfast and listening to expert commentary”. -Kentucky Derby.

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 Dawn at the Downs takes place at 6:30 am, near the track at Churchill Downs on May 1 and 2. Now I know this may be early for some...especially on a Sunday. But I promise this event is worth waking up early. Did I mention there'll be breakfast and coffee to soothe the morning grogginess away?! Click here to check out the menu in advance.

 This event is for all ages, so bring the kids with ya! Tickets are sold by section and row on Ticketmaster. Click here to make your reservation! "For groups of 24+, please contact group sales at 502-636-4450 or fill out our Group Request Form".-Kentucky Derby.

The Great Bed Races is an alternative event worth attending for those who prefer to sleep in but still have FOMO (fear of missing out). Starting at 1:00 pm, Monday, May 2, at the Kentucky Expo Center (937 Phillips Ln Louisville, KY), the bed race is a DIY bed-style drag race with live coverage and an audience!

WAVE 3 viewers choose favorite bed in Great Bed Races

 "Grab four of your co-workers, build a bed on wheels, decorate it, dress in a ridiculous costume—and then race. That pretty much sums up the Kentucky Derby Festival Bed Races. Each year, thousands of enthusiasts gather to cheer on more than 40 teams, while on-air personalities from WAVE-TV anchor the live coverage from every angle, from the crowd to the pits."- Discover.

 IT IS NOT TOO LATE TO APPLY AND PARTICIPATE IN THE GREAT BED RACES!! If you're even remotely interested in doing this, I would stop, drop, and click on this link to register my team. Further details and instructions will be provided upon registration. "This year's theme celebrates our return: Bed Races are back, GAME ON. (It's a video game and arcade theme.) For onlookers, Admission is FREE with 2022 Pegasus Pin®!

 The schedule is as follows:

Monday, May 2, 2022:

 1:00 pm Tailgate Party Starts

6:00 pm: Parade of the Beds

7:00 pm: Races Begin.

 Good luck to any and all contestants!

There are specific bed requirements and general rules that contests must follow. Click here to check those out.

If you can't attend Bed Race in person, WAVE-TV will be covering the event in person; maybe they'll stream it online the day of like last year? I hope so! Keep your eyes peeled on WAVE-TV's website for potential info about the upcoming event.

 Both of these family-friendly events are staples in Louisville around Derby season. Try to make it out to either one, if not both!


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