Welcome to Taylor/Berry

Welcome to Taylor/Berry!

The Taylor/Berry neighborhood is a small portion of Louisville, four miles southwest of downtown. "Its boundaries are Taylor Boulevard to the east, Berry Boulevard to the south, Seventh Street Road to the west, and Algonquin Parkway to the north."-Wikipedia. Louisvillians also refer to the Taylor/Berry neighborhood as Taylor Boulevard. Taylor/Berry borders Beechmont, Okolona, or Berry neighborhoods.

There isn't a neighborhood association or event planner for Taylor/Berry. However, I found two Taylor/Berry Associated Facebook pages: Taylor Berry's Facebook PageWe Love Taylor Boulevard Facebook Page. These pages are operated by community members, and anyone with a Facebook account can post and comment.

Despite the lack of a neighborhood association or event planner, Taylor/Berry and the surrounding areas tend to have some sort of activity going on at one of the nearby parks: South Central Park, William Harrison Park, and Algonquin Park.